Our Mission

Manatee Injured By Boat


Our rescue teams respond to sick, injured, and deceased marine animals throughout Florida, Belize, Cuba and beyond. Our team of specially trained personnel coordinates with marine life rescue organizations to provide a quick and efficient response to ensure the proper treatment and transportation of all distressed marine life.

Sea Turtle on Sea Floor


Our biologists and ecologists combine passion for their work with technical expertise to conduct rigorous scientific research, share their knowledge to ensure adequate protection for endangered species, educate the public, and conserve our marine environments for the benefit of both people and animals.

Manatee Reflection in Spring


Our team strives to instill the importance of conservation, ecology, and stewardship into the newer generations, as we believe they will apply this knowledge to make sustainable choices and take an active part in preserving our marine environment.

Fish following Sea Turtle


Our team works to protect and conserve our world’s fragile coastal ecosystems and the endangered species that call them home. We focus on the conservation of flagship species to ensure greater protection for the species themselves and for the sensitive habitats these animals rely on around the world.

Manatees Together in Spring


Marine Life Rescue Project was created to support the mission and funding to Clearwater Marine Aquarium Research Institute, a non-profit organization working to rescue the ocean and the life that inhabits it through the global work our team of marine biologists, researchers, and scientists.

All our work is funded and mobilized by the support of people who love our oceans and the life in them like we do. The goal of the Marine Life Rescue Project is to build awareness on the critical need to rescue our ocean and to generate revenue towards the rescue and research of our oceans through fundraising and conservation outreach.

The time to act isn’t just now; it’s past that. We must work tirelessly to ensure we do not lose yet another marine species due to our negligence as humans. Will you help us?

Clearwater Marine Science Center


In 1972, a group of ocean-minded individuals turned a dream into a reality and opened a non-profit marine biology learning center in Florida known as Clearwater Marine Science Center. Fast forward almost 40 years and the center’s rescue, rehabilitation, and rescue efforts continue to thrive.

In 2019, the Center, now known as Clearwater Marine Aquarium, merged with world-renowned research organization, Sea to Shore Alliance, to create Clearwater Marine Aquarium Research Institute, officially recognizing our groundbreaking work towards the conservation of our oceans and marine life.

Want to find out more about Clearwater Marine Aquarium Research Institute? Discover how we’re protecting marine life around the world here.

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